Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Last Chance for Two States Solution

Roger Cohen, in NY Times, writes about proposal on Mideast peace to President Obama that signed by 10 former senior officials in US.
There are four core items in the proposal:
"The first is clear U.S. endorsement of a two-state solution based on the lines of June 4, 1967, with minor, reciprocal, agreed land swaps where necessary. That means removing all West Bank settlements except in some heavily populated areas abutting Jerusalem — and, of course, halting the unacceptable ongoing construction of new ones.
The second is establishing Jerusalem as home to the Israeli and Palestinian capitals. Jewish neighborhoods would be under Israeli sovereignty and Arab neighborhoods under Palestinian sovereignty, with special arrangements for the Old City providing unimpeded access to holy sites for all communities.
The third is major financial compensation and resettlement assistance in a Palestinian state for refugees, coupled with some formal Israeli acknowledgment of responsibility for the problem, but no generalized right of return.
The fourth is the creation of an American-led, U.N.-mandated multinational force for a transitional period of up to 15 years leading to full Palestinian control of their security".
They call the proposal as "a last chance for a two-state Israel-Palestine agreement.”
It sounds realistic for President Obama if his Administration gives serious efforts to mediate lasting peace between Palestine and Israel.

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