Thursday, March 12, 2009

Decreasing Tension

Political tension on international affairs seems to be decrease in near future. Yesterday, Riyad of Saudi Arabia hosted summit of four heads of states: Saudi Arabia, Suriah, Egypt and Kuwait. They worked to prepare real reconcilation among arab countries in dealing with their common interest.
Meanwhile, US in its way to talk with Suriah and Iran: two countries that often referred as resistance forces against US and its allies hegemony. US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton recently visited China to strengthen cooperations between the two countries. She also met Russia Foreign Minister, Mr. Sergey Lavrov to talk about key issues on missile defence and nuclear arm reduction.
I think that the more diplomatic ways are used to look for solution in hot issues of international affairs the more beneficial out put can be reached in term of peace and reducting conflicts.


Dendy Darin said...

That's a good news.

And don't forget that we should hope to what our country faced of. Decreasing tension is such an impossible situation right now.

Everything's about the election day..


Christopher Taylor said...

I agree, there's never any harm in talking ...

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